Avery Woodson
Position: 1-2
Height: 190 CM/ 6'3
Weight: 82kg / 180.4lbs
Nationality: USA
DATE OF BIRTH: 1993-12-15
College: Butler University
Avery Woodson is an excellent shooter from the FG and 3pt range, bolstering an eye opening 46.7% FG and 42.1% 3pt. An effective ball handler with the athleticism & explosion to play above the rim. Avery can lead teammates into the right situatuation to score. Avery helped lead his Butler Bulldogs team into the 2017 NCAA Tourney and played a very pivotal role his senior season averaging 9ppg 2.6rpg and making tough shots without forcing against opponents. One of the top shooters in collegiate basketball during his tenure.