Quinton Stephens
Position: 3-4
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 215lbs.
Nationality: USA
DATE OF BIRTH: 1995-03-01
College: Georgia Tech
 Quinton Stephens is a 6’9” SF that can also play as a stretch PF.  Quinton has a HUGE upside. Quinton has long arms, big hands and at 6’9” protypical size on the wing. He can handle the ball, and create space off the dribble. He can be an ELITE level three point shooter, high, quick release, no wasted motion and trys to get squared up on every shot. Quinton also is good off the bounce…tight handle. Defensively Q can be very good as well. Also a good rebounder, finds his way to the ball.Good athlete, and his length can cause problems. Improving lateral quickness, and he works extremely hard. Huge upside guy, will definitely flourish outside the Georgia Tech system. High games this season: vs. NC State: 22pts, 6rebs, 2blks, 1ast and 1stl, vs. Virginia Tech: 18pts, 13rebs and 3ast, vs. Pittsburgh: 16pts, 10rebs and 2stls, vs. Clemson: 16pts, 8rebs and 2ast, vs. Wake Forest: 14pts, 11rebs and 1stl, vs. Indiana: 16pts, 9rebs, 3ast and 1stl, vs. Belmont 23pts, 8rebs, 4ast and 2stl (NIT)..