Daniel Stewart
Position: 4-3
Height: 201 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Nationality: USA
DATE OF BIRTH: 1992-01-20
College: Rider
Daniel has spent two years in Argentina and played last season with the Austin Spurs. I'm very impressed with how Daniel played in his second year with Team Lanus and the growth he made while playing in the D Leage. Daniel showcased his ability to do whatever the team needed from him during the season. Team Lanus didn't have a center for half the season and asked Daniel to move from the 3 to the 5 spot.  Daniel accepted the role of the 5 spot but once the team got a center, Daniel was able to play his natural position and his stats started to rise. He finished out the second half of the season very strong for Lanus and the team also started to really gel and put some W's in the column. Daniel will be spending his summer back in Philadelphia, USA training until it's time to head back overseas.  Our main focus for Daniel this summer is to develop his 3 point shot.  If Daniel can add a 3 point jumper to his game, we believe he will become very deadly in any league that he is asked to play in. I feel these past two years Daniels game is really coming into its own and this coming season may very well be his breakout year. If you are looking for a VERY ATHLETIC 4/3, then Daniel Stewart is the player for you.  Daniel is aggressive on the glass, in the paint, and can take his defender to the hole with ease. Daniel Stewart is ready to make an impact for any team that's in need of a 4/3 that can make things happen!