Jordan Downing
Position: 2-1
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Nationality: USA
DATE OF BIRTH: 1992-01-20
College: Presbyterian
Jordan Downing is a very all-round scoring shooting guard. Excellent shooter, both of the catch and off the dribble. Can create his own shot. His footwork is excellent for a guard and really helps him create a shot out of any situation. Underrated slasher and playmaker. Downing average 20 points per game his junior year at Presbyterian and finished off a strong career his senior year. Had NBA workouts after college and was very impressive. Has a game built for the international game and will be very succesfull if placed in the right situations. A 2-guard that can play back up minutes at the 1 and 3 and defend multiple positions...has the ability to play at the HIGHEST level..