William Truss
Position: 4-5
Height: 203 cm / 6'8
Weight: 115 kg/ 255 lbs
Nationality: USA
DATE OF BIRTH: 1993-01-01
College: Presbyterian
William Truss is a 6'8" 255lb big body bruiser, prolific scorer, an animal on the glass, and a mind/game set that was taught and based all around the fundamentals of basketball.  William finished his senior season 29th overall in NCAA Divison 1 Basketball for best field goal % shooting .608 from the field.  William and his game continue to grow physically and mentally, as he has a very high ceiling when it comes to his success on the court.  Built like an ox, Will has a very strong pressence in the paint and can give any opposing team problems when going up against him.  Either it be scoring, rebounding, or helping his team win, William has great court vision and knows what it takes to get the job done, a definite plus for any team looking for an instant impact in the paint offensively and defensively!